Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Social - CNET

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Helge: Caroline McCarthy is blogging for CNET and I follow her on the Twitter. She writes about Facebook.

The Social - CNET "Facebook, meanwhile, continued its streak of being completely unable to stay out of the news. The site experienced an odd little outage on Tuesday, which had plenty of people recalling MySpace's chaotic summer meltdown last year and even speculating that perhaps the Mark Zuckerberg-created (well, according to most people) social networking service had been hacked. Turns out it was a boring little proxy error. How dull!

Helge: Being in the news is important for all the social medias while it takes millions of participants to keep them on the highest hype-wave. Facebook has certainly made that this summer.

Then there was that whole 'Lunch 2.0' thing at Facebook's offices this week, which was really more of a happy hour than a lunch, and which Robert Scoble considered to be 'one of those parties that in about five years we'll all be looking back on as a major inflection point in the valley.' Um, hype much? The word on the street at Non-Lunch 2.0, at least for Scoble, was that web-based organization service Plaxo is very close to launching a social networking site that may or may not rival Facebook by being 'open and controllable.'

Helge: Plaxo, I've never tested. I started with Xing and also have that other one but Facebook does the job better for me.

We'll see Plaxo's 'Pulse' on Monday. In the meantime, everybody's already chattering about the prospects of an 'open social network,' as opposed to Facebook's 'locked' model, from Fred Wilson wishing he could export more Facebook content to outside services to Pete Cashmore speculating that 'identity aggregation without lock-in' might help deflate the shiny mylar Facebook balloon. Jason Calacanis, on the other hand, "

Helge: Facebooks open model, Plaxo...

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