Friday, August 03, 2007


I have to agree with Newsome and Mr. Kent Newsome "on technology, music and life". I've blogs that have started off well but couldn't live up to the realties of life consisting of 24 h daily limits.
  • Blogging should be fast
  • No need to spend hours with the blogs
  • I'm not a professional blogger
  • My blogs are to help me in my profession
  • I collect, analyze and share information

Newsome.Org: "The low financial and technical barrier to entry results in many hastily created blogs that end up abandoned during one of the early stages due to boredom or the lack of a genuine interest in blogging.

Some bloggers aren't concerned with growing an audience and never reach the frustration stage when their blog's growth rate stalls or reverses. And once in a very great while a new blogger actually gets accepted into the warm, chummy place I talked about last night, and happily avoids the pain of the later stages (more often than not, there is an ancillary relationship that triggers this acceptance, but it does happen).

But the pattern is pretty clear, particularly in cases where new bloggers joins the fray in search of conversation, inclusion and readers. It's less clear in cases where the blogger is primarily concerned with making money or selling a product. The psychological investment in blogging is less in those cases, and if the money isn't made or the product isn't selling, the blogger often just moves along to the next marketing angle."
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