Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Miss Cellania - Miss Cellania

Miss Cellania - Miss Cellania: "When I was employed in the media, I spent many years reading the news. I also spent a couple of years as a news director, which was totally different. Reading and/or recording the news takes a few minutes, finding the news is a job, especially in a sleepy little southern city. I was lucky that a big chunk of my news career spanned the 1988 elections.

Our senator, Al Gore, was running for president. Former Governor Ray Blanton was trying to make a comeback by running for senate in my district. The rest of the candidates were almost as newsworthy. Those were good times. Lots of jokes. The stuff I couldn’t broadcast was so much better than what make it to air!"

Helge: Working out of a sleepy little southern city associates with my own experience. Loviisa is a small city. Not much happens here.
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