Saturday, August 11, 2007

Josh Bancroft

Helge: I've made it my business to blog about some of the US West Coast and Silicon Valley people that I've learned to know in Twitterland. I don't know them in person but their faces are familiar. I learn more about their work and missions from other bloggers. I'm able to follow what happens on the other side of the globe through Twitter, blogs and social media platforms.

Josh Bancroft
Cell: 503-334-1889

My Job: Social Media Evangelist for Intel Software Network

  • His blog
  • Josh Bancroft was twittering about Gnomedex

My Gnomedex coverage is going to be mostly in my Twitter stream

I’ve got my laptop set up, so I’m not relying strictly on my iPhone (like OSCON), but I plan on posting “microupdates” and photos as Gnomedex progresses, with longer full blog posts as warranted.

So, if you’re wanting to follow my updates at Gnomedex, make sure to follow me on Twitter, or head over to, where all of my microposts and photos are aggregated. Let the geeking begin! :-)

Helge: The idea of using Twitter to cover a seminar or expo is a good idea. The essentials will be revealed. People can follow the twitters online and comment, send questions. It's like chatting. I've thought about the possibility have a small group twittering about Global Open Innovation and Co-creating, or it could be a specific project.

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