Friday, August 17, 2007

Jack Of All Blogs

Jack Of All Blogs: "I never thought it were possible, but there actually is something positive about Facebook! It’s perfect for catbloggers. Take people such as Calacanis and Scoble, those who pee their pants and then blog about it.

  • Helge: Those two are visible.

We also call them A-Listers. Advantage Numero Uno of Facebook it that it offers anything every catblogger might desire to whore out itself. The blogging narcist. The eternal entertainer. Entertainer for people who don’t care about any value. Value other than Geek Big Brother. The positive thing about Facebook lays in it’s platform alikeness: everything all together. It’s microblogging3.

  • Helge: Microblogging is an efficient way to say the essential with 140 characters.

Scoblers and Calacanis’es can import all their stuff at Facebook, without needing any other platforms, profiles anymore: blog feeds, tweets, contact details, facebook messaging can replace their email, aso. But more even, Facebook offers them picture and video upload. A blogging platform with notes and the twitter clone ‘Status updates’. Anything a blogger needs? Facebook has, Facebook is the microblogger’s myspace. Perfect for kicking out your thoughts at anytime and apps allow you to spice them up. Facebook is a dream for the Scobles among you!"

  • Helge: I agree. That's the way it works.
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