Friday, August 03, 2007

Facebook Fatigue; 700MHz Fallout; Conspiracy Politics » Rojo: Facebook Fatigue; 700MHz Fallout; Conspiracy Politics: "Facebook fatigue is setting in.

Jason Calacanis declared social network exhaustion but summoned the energy to write a thousand words describing his feelings. Without a trace of irony, Om Malik provided tips on better Facebook use, while Scobleizer crowed about how Calacanis’s retirement meant fewer competitors for him. Oh, the popular kids can’t handle all the activity, blogs Web Worker Daily, while allfacebook is sure Calacanis cries himself to sleep from all the invite pressure. On the other hand, Rob Hyndman sympathizes with Calacanis as a doer, not a talker, while WinExtra flies above the fray, treating Facebook as a flavor of the month, just like Twitter and Pownce."
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