Friday, August 10, 2007

Good Morning

There's has been a problem with my last blog posting. It didn't show as it should. Need to dig into this today. What is the reason?

Twenty minutes later: I got the problem solved. Had to split two posts and read through the html.

jury2.jpgDaniela Hinrichs is the Press spokesperson for XING AG and responsible for corporate communications and press relations work worldwide.

Helge: I should get in touch with her and discuss what could be done to bring me back to Xing. I get the newsletter, I did use Xing a lot a year ago. But something happened. I've friends there. What happens with all these social medias. My friend Kurt has been using LinkedIn and has a long list of connections and friends. I guess, he is working very actively in that community to promote is own PersonalEU.

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