Monday, August 06, 2007

Feld Thoughts - Fascinated with Facebook

Facebook has been around for a while. Started to use it this summer. The hype got me to become a member. I find the application interesting. It integreates all the stuff I have on the Internet. Scooped a few friends.

I've also used LinkedIn and Xing. Xing was very popular and had some purpose for me a year ago, but I don't use it much at present. Maybe I should go back and start over and ask people to come to Facebook as well and then I can compare.

Scoble's Link Blog scobleslinkblog Fascinated with Facebook -

Feld Thoughts - Fascinated with Facebook: Are you fascinated with Facebook? If so, it’s worth following the blog of the J-Squared guys. They are now actively blogging their Facebook lessons with posts including:

J-Squared is one of the TechStars teams. Their first Facebook app – Sticky Notes – is already over 1.2 million users, app #34, and continuing to grow at a rapid pace every day. They’ve got another cool one in the works, have turned on the revenue spigot, and are watching the dollars fly into their bank account. Fascinating stuff.

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