Sunday, August 26, 2007

Do It Myself Blog

Helge: Meeting special people on the net. Glenda has done a lot in her life. I stumbled over this blog. There is even a connection to Finland. "January 12, 2007. Vancouver’s Weather Housebounds Disabled Couple: Married couple with cerebral palsy uses the Internet to generate income while stuck inside due to weather." There are always opportunities in Life. We should never give up.

Do It Myself Blog: "From Saskatchewan, I drove all night to get to Mike DeWitt, Technology and Change Management Consultant, outside of Scottsdale, Arizona. And, wouldn’t you know it? I got a flat tire on a terrifying yet breath-taking stretch of the Apache Trail. Read the details… What more do I need to say! Please join me Thursday as, according to my tour itinerary, I am off to Australia! Meanwhile, please cast your daily vote so I may win the opportunity to be paid to blog for a year (be sure to click on “Vote for Glenda Watson Hyatt”). Thanks kindly!"

After attending an international camp in Finland and spending a couple years taking Certified General Accountant courses by correspondence, which proved not to be satisfactorily stimulating, Glenda continued onto Simon Fraser University.

Living in residence, with a roommate the first semester, and then completely on her own, except for a homemaker four hours once a week to assist with basic cleaning and such, which was more of a hassle than a help at times.

She used pre-typed notes, which she dubbed her talking papers, as her means of communication with her professors and teaching assistants. Taking one or two courses per semester because of the sheer workload, three semesters per year with only one summer off, Glenda finally completed her Bachelor of Arts degree after seven long years.
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