Thursday, August 09, 2007

BlogWrite for CEOs

Helge: This isn't news anymore but I wanted to connect myself to blog writer for CEO's. I've studied business and corporate blogging for a while. Finland is not very advanced in this field. A CEO of a big company has to be careful about what to disclose in a blog. FSJ is a great idea for those who don't dare to write their own entries. What about letting someone else do it. At least, FSJ has a big audience.

BlogWrite for CEOs: "This is a great story. The blogger behind The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, the hugely popular fake CEO blog by Apple's chief, has been outed. And he's none other than a well-established MSM journalist, Dan Lyons, a senior editor for Dan authored Forbes' much discussed cover story in November 2005: Attack of the Blogs. (He's also the author of Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs, A Parody to be published in October.)"
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