Friday, August 10, 2007

Blogging, Web 2.0 and Social Media

My primary motivation to blog is to express myself. The second one is to write down things to enhance my learning about new things. In the beginning of my blogging career I didn't mind about readers. I wrote the postings for myself.

Blogging from a small country doesn't bring immediate benefits from the wisdom of the crowd. Blogging is a very individual form of communication.

Before blogs I used to write into notebooks. The electronic diaries are easier to maintain. Blogs, Twitter, Jaiku and Facbook are tools of my trade. I guess they give me positive exposure.

But I write about things that are interesting for myself, not thinking much about a specific audience. I write a lot. Blogging is also a way for me to improve my English language skills.

The biggest motivation might be curiosity and to learn new things about this fast changing world.
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