Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Roo Reynolds - What’s Next?

Roo Reynolds - What’s Next?: "Everything is Miscellaneous, July 18th, 2007. David Weinberger (you know, of Cluetrain Manifesto fame) is a very funny guy. He used to write for Woody Allen, so perhaps that shouldn’t a surprise. Having just watched the Google Tech Talk of his recent talk to the Googlers, I really want to buy his new book, ‘Everything is Miscellaneous‘.

I [Roo Reynolds] took some notes as I was watching the video. Nothing that you’ll read in these bullet points is my original thinking, that might be for another time. This is purely to help me remember (and to allow you to see, if you’re interested) what he covered, and I’m either quoting or paraphrasing what Weinberger himself says. e.g. these are his ideas, not mine. Since almost every sentence out of the mans lips is memorable, there are quite a few notes here…"

Helge: Need to take some time to watch the video and to think about what the man is saying.

Weiner: In the digital world, we are rapidly moving away from the idea that things are perfectly ordered and hierarchical.

Helge: I agree! The sphagetti thinking model appears to be a part of my way to think and organize stuff.
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