Sunday, July 29, 2007

Okay Robert … time to put the kool-aid down | WinExtra

Okay Robert … time to put the kool-aid down | WinExtra: "What started as what I think was an honest post; contrary to Rex Hammock who thinks it was more calculated or Fred Wilson a VC with a vested interest in anything Web 2.0 who calls the post linkbait, Jason Calacanis declared Facebook bankruptcy.

Helge: I'm new on Facebook and still looking for what it can be used for.

The exchange that followed this original post though is far more indicative of the bubble that Web 2.0 has created. It shows that while Web 2.0 professes openness people will climb into a walled garden as long as it has the presumption of being cool.

And leading the charge into this month’s coolness is our own Robert Scoble who is likening the networking within Facebook to his rolodex of the 70’s and 80’s. For him Facebook is the new business card and the new media distribution network that is being driven by the “best names in tech“. I wonder though if these are the same cool folks that he said in a comment to one of my posts that had moved to Pownce because it was cool."

Helge: The business card... Need to think about it. Have to do some work in the garden.
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