Thursday, July 05, 2007

Cross-Media/Transmedia Entertainment

Cross-Media/Transmedia Entertainment: "For the past few months I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring a best-selling UK author through the fabulous De Montfort University Online MA in Creative Writing and New Media program (a course I’ve been a guest lecturer for). Alison Norrington has written many novels that could be described as ‘chick-lit’ (is it still OK to use such a term?).

She has also created online works such as Naked HandStand (warning: nudies!). Her latest novel is about a character called Sophie Regan. Sophie has decided, after a bad run of relationships, to stay single for a year. Instead of publishing her story as a book though, Alison set Sophie free on the Net and beyond…

The primary narrative is delivered through Sophie’s blog (which is also delivered via email). She has been blogging her journey in a first-person manner recently. Alison has also been shifting focus from Sophie to other characters within the blog, which is a gutsy thing to do in a blog which lends itself to a first-person narrative.

At times I found it jarring but mostly I actually enjoyed the unconventional form. It is good to be surprised with techniques and it is good to see writers experimenting with expectations. What also works well with this style is that information about other characters is provided in the main pivot point — the blog — rather than at other sites. "

Helge: I need to read more about this...

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  2. Blogging her journey in first person
  3. Good to see writers experimenting with expectations
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