Friday, July 27, 2007

Australian Telco Erects Internal Ban On Facebook

Australian Telco Erects Internal Ban On Facebook: "A communications giant by the name of Telstra, based in Australia, has put in place an internal ban on Facebook. That’s right. 49,000 people whose task it is to keep fellow Aussies online and exchanging packets and dialogue and whatnot have been told they absolutely cannot under any circumstances do the same during their daily/nightly shifts. I think that calls for a chuckle or two, don’t you?

Just to muse a bit, what are the chances this clampdown has happened because no corporate underlings want to befriend the CEO and others at the top floor on the social network? High, you say? Me thinks so, too.

This development from down under actually raises an interesting point. How much time and potential productivity is wasted or simply not realized because lemmings people with Net-connected computer terminals in front of their faces for a good part – or perhaps all - of their workday enjoy logging onto MySpace, Facebook, and Hi5 just too damn much? Think they add up to significant losses? I’ll venture to guess that they indeed do."

Helge: The productivity issue, security risks, old, traditional, command and control tryes to get back to yesterday. The world is however changing towards open co-creation. It's a new world order. Let's face it: facebook is here to stay.
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