Saturday, June 02, 2007

Palm's Foleo Fails To Wow Followers - Technology News by TechWeb

Palm's Foleo Fails To Wow Followers - Technology News by TechWeb: "Unfortunately for Palm, the initial reaction can be characterized as a yawn.

Initially priced at $500, the Foleo is essentially a Linux-based, large-screen companion device to the Treo, allowing users to create e-mails and edit documents using a 10-inch display and a full-sized keyboard. The new device, which weighs a relatively hefty 2.5 pounds, syncs automatically with the user's Treo and includes a battery with up to five hours of life.

The Foleo, Hawkins said, represents the first in a new line of devices aimed at redefining how people work while away from their desks. In a nod to the popularity of competing products, he added that he expects the Foleo to work with BlackBerry devices from RIM and with Apple's upcoming iPhone.

A commenter called 'Treolo,' writing on the TreoCentral message board, summed up the consensus response: 'OK so it kind of looks like a UMPC [ultra-mobile personal computer], but cheaper. So???'"
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