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Broadband, WLAN and Wimax as Utility

Marketing Vox informs: "MuniWireless Founder Esme Vos said there is little else for small towns to do besides build a broadband infrastructure on their own.

Vos called public broadband is a utility, like water or electricity. She also cited examples in the US and Europe that less populated communities could look to for models of successful municipal broadband platforms.

Rural EU towns, for example, sometimes build fiber rings attached to WiMax antennae that send signals to a town. This signal is then conveyed to users through a wireless connection.

Vos and Gorsen added it is possible for small towns to make money after a broadband investment but, like any large undertaking, it merits careful planning."

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I would like to know if this is Esme Vos blog? Here is about Esme Vos. I take some notes:

"I am the founder of, the portal for news and information about municipal wireless broadband projects around the world. Muniwireless also organizes conferences, seminars, webinars and roundtables, and it has a quarterly magazine. Photos from my most recent conference in Santa Clara and from Supernova 2006." She writes in her blog that is maintained by Rose Cantine.

This post is related to this theme:

What's wrong with Wi-Fi access in Europe

"I've been guilty of dumping on Swisscom Eurospot's lousy Wi-Fi service in Europe (see Cory Doctorow's post) but today I had a really bad experience trying to get access through one of Belgacom's hotspots in Antwerp. The tech support was great - very friendly and sweet, but the process was painful." Writes the Industry Standard.

This article was written 2004, but what has changed since that date. Wi-Fi isn't strong in Europe yet. Who knows about the trends? Where is Wi-Fi and Wimax heading? What are small towns and communities doing?

I need to get more information. I guess Esme Vos is one of the persons challenging the traditional mobile phone. Need to learn more about the company and her statements.

Esme Vos

Esme Vos is the founder of, a blog that covers the ins and outs of the emerging municipal WiFi industry. I caught up with her at a conference she recently hosted in Dallas.
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