Tuesday, May 29, 2007


[22:51:44] Alf Stenvall sanoo: WOOD MONKEY Horoscope
Jan 25, 1944 to Feb 12, 1945
Jan 22, 2004 to Feb 8, 2005

Monkey people, on their merry way to becoming famous, like to strew memorable bits of impishness and practical jokes along the way. Lots of fun, they also possess a serious side and influence a good many people throughout their lifetime. They know how to accomplish the most difficult of tasks with the greatest of enthusiasm, concentration, and ease. Even so, they can easily get discouraged and confused and MUST do things their way! They often become great mathematicians, super chess players, researchers, entrepreneurs or scientists. And, great mentors! Monkeys have a burning passion for knowledge of every kind and they magically are surrounded by the finer things in life. Life is a big adventure!

Duck Soup and Rice are among the keys to good health!!

[22:52:29] Alf Stenvall sanoo: känner du igen dig?

This started from a Skype chat that included Niemi Product, Snowdrop and KK-Net. We were looking at how to get more exposure with blogs, wiki's and other Social Media. Alf Stenvall was asking questions about age and produced the abou horoscope.
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[23:02:54] Alf Stenvall sanoo: här kommer mer om 'monkey'
[23:02:58] Helge Keitel sanoo: skicka snake åt mig och jag fogar ihop bild och snake


[23:03:03] Alf Stenvall sanoo: A real dynamo, this one! The Wood Monkey wants to do things and never likes to sit around doing nothing. No video watching, instead this one will climb the highest mountains, go on the grand safari, and have one adventure after another, with great creativity and imagination. Whew!

Often pioneers in new undertakings, they are sharp and ambitious and make big deals happen. These Gentle Giants can be in charge of all the details and no one ever thinks them bossy or pushy. They are good communicators and give direction without ruffling feathers.

Workaholics all the way, they really need to learn to relax a little so their family life does not suffer. When they do take time out to breathe, they are so sympathetic and caring, never leaving their friends and family in the lurch. Love life can be a roller coaster of ups and downs, ranging from a conservative holding back to the unleashing of wild passion.

Helge: I'll comment on things like entrepreneurs, workaholics, communicator, need to relax, roller coaster and great mentors...

[23:10:21] Alf Stenvall sanoo: Famous Monkey people: Elizabeth Taylor, Charles Dickens, Lyndon Johnson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Nelson Rockefeller, Leonardo da Vinci, Simone de Beauvoir, Isaac Stern, George Lucas

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