Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Live Search - World's first true Live Search Engine

My Live Search - World's first true Live Search Engine: "And they thought it couldn't be done!"

My Live Search is the first, true ‘real-time’ search engine to appear on the www. It is the only engine that searches the www live to the second. Results are not retrieved from an indexed database as is with all other search engines, which are days, weeks or months old.

Information is only as valuable as it happens and this is the underlying philosophy of its founders to develop a tool, the first of its kind, to give its users the power, scope and most of all, live information on the www.


This technology has been in development for the past 8 years with the team currently based in Melbourne, Australia. A dedicated team of innovative developers delivering the latest cutting edge technology in 'real-time' search within a new paradigm on how we search the www today.

A totally new and innovative approach to searching the web, which has not been done before, until now! "Searching the internet will never be the same..." Writes the Australian My Live Search.

World Wide Launch Mid to End of June"
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