Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Alf Stenvall Water Snake Horoscope

[23:07:22] Alf Stenvall sanoo: WATER SNAKE Horoscope
Feb 14, 1953 to Feb 2, 1954
Feb 10, 2013 to Jan 30, 2014

Snake people enter a room and there is Music, Music, Joy! Everyone dances! Such high spirit! The Snake is so intense and passionate, just as likely to take out the castanets as to climb mountains of snow. Snake year people are charming and romantic, often planning delightful hideaway surprises. Possessing tremendous wisdom, they are deep, quiet thinkers, calm by nature, but most intense. They often get involved in great causes, bigger than life, and often serve as mentors to the young. To paraphrase Confucius, they have a kind of inner beauty that arises, hovers, then comes to nest. They will have an abundance of good fortune and a long and prosperous life.

Sharkfin Soup and Chinese Cabbage are among keys to good health!!

Water Snakes are the realists who bring to life the visionary schemes of the idealists. They are the practical, useful, dependable people of earth who are tinged with enough imagination themselves to make life very interesting indeed. Water Snakes exude warmth and never lack for friends, who are always invigorated by the Snakes' boundless optimism and playfulness. Water Snakes possess a wealth of sterling attributes that bring career success within their grasp - eventually.

From small to big, they are always moving up in their career ladder and sooner or later, they will reach the top. Financial life is not great, but not bad, bulls and bears always striving for even balance. Water Snakes take great care of their relationships with friends and they make excellent companions to while away the hours. Love Life is somewhat of a teeter-totter, going up, coming down, gradually striking a healthy balance. Eventually, they find someone to love who will fully commit to them in return. Once this happens, setbacks will be a thing of the past.

[23:13:20] Alf Stenvall sanoo: Famous Snake People: Mao Tse-tong, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Ferdinand Marcos, Abraham Lincoln, Lady Pamela Mountbatten, Martin Luther King, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Edgar Allen Poe, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Bob Dylan
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