Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blogging My Way

I’m not ready to reveal too much yet, but I will be soon. I’m working with a couple guys in Finland / Europe on a new start-up company. Hopefully we’ll cause a little bit of disruption in the industry when we launch. It will be lots of fun to get out with the new products to the market.

We also have a new story boiling up and out. This is about the innovation strategies in Europe. We like to tell that there are pretty good things going on.

Blogging hasn’t been a big thing over here at the old continent. But I feel that the spring is about to come. New ideas are emerging and we are getting to grips with personalization of information and how to attract readers.

It has been a pretty demanding job. Learning to write attractive blogs that have reader magnetism is not an easy task. English isn’t my native language. I’ve travelled to the skill through lots of writing and my mother tongue is Swedish. On a daily basis I write most in Finnish, but English is getting easier every day I write.
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