Monday, February 05, 2007


Photobucket Sharing has boosted the share functionality to make it easier than ever to share images, slideshows, and videos with your online community. Click on "Share Album" to see all the new options. You can share by email, or post your album directly to
  1. MySpace,
  2. Facebook,
  3. Xanga,
  4. Blogger,
  5. Friendster,
  6. Piczo or
  7. Tagged
Right from within Photobucket. It's never been so quick or easy to share. I use Photobucket and it's a great service. Forgot to go there for new photos. Decided to write this blog to have the link available.

Photobucket Sharing

Everywhere you see the "Share" link, you'll want to click on it to see all your options.
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