Saturday, February 10, 2007

Changing Style


Do you have a blog? Not everybody has. Blogging is less popular than a frequent blogger might believe. I’ve been blogging for ages. I write a lot. I write because it feels good to work with words, pictures and graphics. The value of blogging for me can be classified into several categories:

  1. It has been an important learning process
  2. I know much more about Internet, Web 2.0, Social Collaboration on the net, Mobile phones, gadgets, tools and trends
  3. My English writing has improved dramatically
  4. I’ve been able to build a global network
  5. I know more business people over the net than in my local community
  6. I’ve even learnt more about my own country

Indeed. I post a couple times a week. Some of my blogs get daily posts. I try to work out a strategy where my different blogs are addressing separate audiences. First I mixed languages, topics and themes in all my blogs. I’ve become more structured during the last months. I try to become more structured and more personal.


I seldom write about my photography and the daily goings-on in my life. Most of my posts are about products, companies, gadgets, trends, innovations, ideas and concepts. When I started in the middle of the 90’s to publish on the net, one of my goals was to keep my friends and family "in the know" about my little part of the globe. Need to admit, I’ve lost and/or forgot that part in publishing. The friendly, local and village type writing has been replaced by global ideas and news. Maybe I need to take back some of the old. I promise to improve with more personal opinions. The blogs should reflect my thinking and opinions. The blogs should be a part of my voice. This voice reaches out from the little niche of Loviisa or Sotkamo.


I have a tendency to post quirky pictures I find here and there. Since you have an eye on my blogs and the communities I try to build, what do you think of them? My links are full of caring and thoughtful people. I've learned some valuable things through people I've never met face-to-face. I also know of many people, especially people and companies I've featured. There are those who have found their own little niche with new friendships.

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