Monday, February 05, 2007

Bangalore becomes Bangaluru


The city in southwest India, capital of Karnataka, India's high-tech capital Bangalore, known worldwide as an outsourcing hub. The government has decided to change the name of Bangalore into Bengaluru. In recent years regional groups and prominent writers demanded the name of the city, home to six million people, be changed to better reflect the local language. Bengaluru is a transliteration of the original spelling, according to state historians.

Sunil Mehta, vice-president of Indian software and outsourcing services lobby group NASSCOM, said the new name would not affect the more than 1,500 information technology companies that have set up base in Bangalore.


A recently publicized report tells that Finnish engineering companies are planning to move their production to low-cost and cheap labour areas. India is interesting while Finnair has direct flights to India. 25 % are indicated that they will move production within a time frame of five years.

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