Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You Tube and IRC-gallery

YouTube and the IRC-Gallery

YouTube is the creation of young entrepreneurs. These succeeded to build a community for all those who didn't know what to do with their digital video cameras. YouTube is a technical platform serving people who like to show their talent's to the world. Some of the moving pictures are great and get millions of viewers. Some are horrible and awful. But the great thing is that there is no censure - or at least no selection committees saying, "This is good and this is bad, this is against policy, and this clip doesn't fill the quality standards."


YouTube is punk music for the masses for home brewed video producers. In Finland, IRC-gallery has grown to a remarkable community. IRC-gallery and IRC-chat are complementing each other. People are sharing photographs and videos in IRC-gallery. The average age of the users is 19 years. IRC-Galleria is the biggest Finnish Internet community. It's also a platform where young people meet and chat, share their photo's and come together.
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