Monday, November 13, 2006

Web 2.0 Logo Collage

Web 2.0 Logo Collage
Originally uploaded by Mmmonica.
Web 2.0 Logo collection. I will write more about this on my blog. I should call this a mashup or remix. I've used material from Flickr and imported it to my blog. The producer of this logo collection is Mmmmonica. I've never seen the person, we haven't exchanged any information. The picture is listed under the creative commons and it appears to me that I can use the picture on my blog.

This is an important development. We can see this kind of developments increasing on the web. YouTube, Yahoo Movies, Google Videos, Photobucket, Slideshare, etc. are empowering bloggers to expand their scope of activities. We can find and distribute material on the web that would be impossible to receive without a collective collaboration attitude.

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