Monday, November 20, 2006

TV Industry

When people in the television news business want to find out what’s going on in their industry, they turn to a blog called TVNewser. Mr. Stelter’s blog (, a seven-day-a-week, almost 24-hour-a-day newsfeed of gossip, anonymous tips, newspaper article links and program ratings, has become a virtual bulletin board for the industry.

Mr. Stelter chronicles the New York and Hollywood centred television industry from the campus at Towson, where he is a senior majoring in mass communication and the editor of the student newspaper. He started the blog in 2004 during winter break, and not long after he was hired by a journalism Web site to keep it going.

These days, by 9 a.m. he is awake and blogging, sometimes in class, courtesy of a campus wide Wi-Fi connection, as well as from his apartment, the student union and his cluttered desk in a corner of the newspaper office.

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