Monday, November 13, 2006

Social Networking Service

Privacy-centric multimedia social networking service Multiply is releasing what it calls version 3.0 of its service tonight; Multiply targets users who are interested in sharing content with people they know in real life and exercising strong privacy controls. Privacy in social networking is the big selling point for SixApart’s newest service, Vox, as well.

Vox is also strong on media sharing; users of both services can post text, photos and video in one place. Now that Vox has finally launched after a long beta period and Multiply is coming out with new features and a new version, it’s a good time to ask…which one is better?

If you’re looking for beautiful templates to chose between, a young hip crowd to network with and a company most likely to support emerging technology trends requested by early-adopter type users then Vox is the way to go.

If you seek logical and robust privacy controls and shelter from an online world of strangers then Multiply is better designed. I prefer Multiply’s handling of media items and news feeds from your network of contacts. Vox is beautiful, Multiply is more functional.
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