Friday, November 17, 2006

Nokia's Kallasvuo in China

Nokia is the world’s top mobile phone maker and they are now planning to soon launch their N92 mobile phone in the Asian markets. That's good news. That's an area where Nokia has to build a presence. We also has to get the Visual Radio thing working back over here in the historical mobile heaven - Finland.

This would mark their entry into the lucrative market mobile phones which are capable of receiving television broadcasts. The company said in a statement: “The device is ready. In coming weeks N92 will start shipping in Vietnam and Indonesia.”

Can this tool connect to the DoCoMo programs? I haven't checked that out. What can the power of new media really be? Nokia certainly is well positioned to be powerful in this area in Asia.

Market experts believe that the market is big enough to sell more than More than 50 million DVB-H phones globally by the end of the current decade. Nokia had initially planned to launch such phones by the start of the current year. But it waited for the networks to be ready for such a device and they are now in some Asian countries.

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