Tuesday, April 22, 2008

iPod can be used for embedded training

I wrote this post 11/10/06 8:28 AM. Now there are new thoughts on my mind about the use of iPod for product training.

iPod, podcasting, audio from a little whit box you carry with you. The headpset is a superb user interface for the person in the move.

We can listen to music and talkshows created by artists and ordinary people everywhere.

  1. In the Car
  2. On the Street
  3. While in the Gym
  4. Jogging in the woods
  5. Rowing on the river
  6. Cycling on the track
  7. Dish washing at home
  8. At work to get attuned
  9. At home spending your time
  10. To get into mood with the music you like
  11. Listen to your teacher, professor, adviser, mentor and seminar speaker
  12. User manuals on an iPod
  13. Internal training and communication
  14. One company bought and distributed 2 500 iPods for in-house learning
There it was: the example, the company that delivered 2 500 iPods for employees to listen to corporate strategy, services and product information. This type of information distribution is still valid.

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