Thursday, September 21, 2006

Outsourcing Seminar

A seminar about outsourcing will be arranged Nov 23, 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden, by IDC. Accoding to the seminar inormation: "Outsourcing can help companies become more efficient and grow. In comparison to other EU countries Nordic companies are still lacking in using outsourcing as a tool to increase productivity. It is an increasing problem as the development in productivity is running very low in the Nordic countries. At the same time the development in salaries is among the highest in EU. This cocktail may cause problems for the Nordic competitiveness and thereby the Nordic economy.

  • We've low productivity in Services
  • Companies are in search for new resoruces to grow
  • Salaries are high

The level of outsourcing seems to be on its way up. The growth rate is much higher than the rest of the IT market and we see growth rates between 8-11 %. Many Nordic companies have not yet started outsourcing or only very little of their IT, and many things need to fall to pieces before an outsourcing agreement will be closed and issues like security, control and the real financial gain need to be solved. But there is also a lot of inhibitors, that should be considered twice before taking the decision on whether to outsource or not. IDC are launching outsourcing conferences in the Nordic countries to stress the key questions and open a discussion on when it is a good idea and when it is better to keep the job in-house.

  • We've only seen the beginning
  • New companies will move work to areas with lower total costs
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