Saturday, September 16, 2006

OhmyNews International

OhmyNews International is an innovative Korean Internet Publishing concept. Let's look at an recent example. "I was the only New York Times photographer in Thailand (I'm not even a staff photographer) I'm just a freelance photographer working for them for the first time. I mean, they used my Indonesian photos from my Web site before but those were just my stock photos so it doesn't mean I really worked with them before." Tells a freelance photographer blogging from her home country.

She continues: "This was the first time and I was amazed at how well they treated me, I ended up staying there for 24 days. There were four different writers who rotated in, over the course of the month. They would say, 'A new writer is coming -- can you stay there?'[The New York Times had] one staff photographer and one freelance photographer in Sri Lanka and Indonesia and maybe India, I don't know. But in Thailand it was just me with the writers coming in, saying, 'We're doing a story together now.' So I was running around a lot. I was driving along the coast every day from Phuket to Panah, and I'd look the beach and devastation everyday, wondering if the tsunami would come back."

In Postmodern America, the consumer is increasingly in charge of their own experience. Disruptive innovations in technology have turned the idea of passive participation into something that belongs in a museum. They offer far more than viewing preferences. They're a window into the worlds of individual viewers and their families alike - little stories that help paint an overall picture. As such, they provide a wonderful context within which to view change. The OhmyNews idea might soon have a possibility in Europe as well.
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