Friday, September 01, 2006

Googling Success

I've been watching Google management IT strategy videos and collecting some background information. My history with Google goes back to the early beginning. Google is different. They are thinking differently. The companies unconventional software strategy makes it different. I've been beta-testing a number of their applications. And I've to admit the difference can be felt at my finger tips. Let's Google talk!. Their approach is a combination of:
  • Commodity hardware
  • Free software to the masses
  • A wildly popular search engine
  • They wnat to organize world's human information
  • New applications are revealed to a world wide audience
  • I'm beta testing several of them, just like so many other persons around the globe
Behind the seeming simplicity is a mash-up of internally developed software, artificial intelligence, obsession with performance, and unorthodox approach to people management
  • Culture drives the way you do things
  • They build highly efficient systems
  • They enjoy huge cost advantages over their competitors
Googles programmers are 50 to 100 % more productive than their rivals
  • Their hands-on approach
  • Google has 200 000 to 450 000 servers
  • 65 data centers
  • Open source software
  • Scale works in Googles favor
  • Google goes its own way in data centers
  • Linux Cells
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