Monday, September 18, 2006

Google and Apple fo for IPTV

Internet Television is takeing steps to become a consumer reality. Technology giants Google and Apple are in discussions over video content for the computer firm's recently announced iTV device. The iTV device is a video streaming player which uses wireless technology to play video on a TV. Google is supposed to be supplying video clips for the player. The iTV device lets users watch video content stored on their desktop PC on their home TVs. The product is Apple's attempt to bridge the gap between the PC and television.
  • Microsoft has tryed but the Xbox's media extender hasn't been a success
  • There're 16 million media centers on the market up to date
  • Apple's and Google's effort is to make this into a mainstream market success
  • We will see what happens 2007?
  • Will it be a success?
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