Sunday, July 30, 2006

There’s an amazing thing taking place in the economy that gets lost in our obsession with the myth of Big is Beutiful. There are lots of small businesses run by men and women who are making money on the Internet or off-line without ever getting into the big legue. Many are never noticed. Many are taken for granted. But people press on because it’s their passion. Small businesses are about passion and that’s why they’re so important. Passion and curiosity drive great things.

  • Small businesses rule
  • They drive this economy
  • They provide the jobs
  • They provide the innovation
  • They provide the ideas

There are lots of folks selling tens of euros of dollars of merchandise on eBay each month who have never even heard the term Web 2.0. What about all the fuss of Web 2.0 startups? It’s nothing compared with the numbers of small businesses that are started offline every week. Some small businesses succeed while they can adapt to changing environments. Most may fail. But they’ll keep being started and most of us will never notice because there will never be a single story about them anywhere.

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