Sunday, July 30, 2006

I m testing the writley text editor. Just like I did with the Basecamp. This is probably the most crowded niche for Web Office products, but Writely was the first such product to gain popularity and it still seems to hold the edge over its competitors. Writely's features include import and export into Word format, embedded images, a WYSIWYG editor, drag and drop functionality, sharing documents, tagging, convert to PDF. The Writely team continues to roll out improvements. We've used 37Signal's Basecamp and Writeboard and do have a clue about the programs. While writing this, I learn that I've tested the whiteboard months ago.

It feels good writing here.The touch is soft and smooth. Some of the others worth considering are Rallypoint, JotSpot Live, Zoho Writer. It is my understanding that I can convert this page to a pdf? I'm not sure if it's true. 37Signal's Basecamp continues to set the pace. It features message boards, to-do lists, simple scheduling, collaborative writing, and file sharing. It garners a lot of buzz from Web people, for example uber-designer Jeffrey Zeldman once said that "Basecamp makes me feel calm, relaxed, and focused".
  • To-do lists - Keep track of what needs to get done and who needs to do it
  • File sharing - Share files internally, with co-workers, or with clients
  • Time tracking - Easily find out who spent how much time on what task
  • Milestones - What should be done and when

This is all testing and I will publish this page just to learn how it works.

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