Friday, June 09, 2006

Small Pieces

Knowledge and how it's organized

What digitization means to knowledge

  • Tag –lists

  • Play lists are becoming very important, they are not tags

More pieces loosely joint

  • It was tightly focused on things on the web

  • Now this is much more about networking

A meta-layer of information

  • We can mix and share

  • How we organize stuff

  • Publishers

  • Major broadcasters

  • Much of their work is to exclude noise

  • Now we don’t exclude noise anymore

  • It’s as inclusive as possible

We can allow as many structures as we want

  • The previous book I posted every day

  • There are some penalty if I publish online

  • It took me some time to make the outline

  • It’s a writing challenge

  • I like to write with my door closed

I blog frequently of my ideas

  • We is doing a good mashup

  • I will talk about tags and why tags matter

  • Are people getting the clue

  • The talk about Web 2.0 and now it’s last the users have a voice?

  • Web has always been about conversations

  • Now it’s so much easier -- or is it?

What the web is all about?


  • A kids version of small pieces

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