Sunday, June 25, 2006

Internet TV

Delivering TV over the Internet becoming a reality, and this is true worldwide. Companies around the world are building high bandwidth Internet networks that provides the means to deliver video the way you couldn't think of it in the past.

The content is delivered in a personalized way, based on what would be interesting to you. The pieces of the news show that you see are on-demand based on the interests that you've declared.

And so all the video, not just those that fit into these channels, gets made available. If you care about some lecture on a topic that's a hobby of yours, that's going to show up in your viewing guide.
  • flexibility
  • on-demand
  • tailored for my needs

2006 is a big year for Internet TV activity because numerous companies will be rolling those services out, and starting to get people to understand, this is not just broadcast TV done in a different way, it's a whole new type of video platform.

People are more and more connected, photos are changing to digital, music is delivered in digital.

Movies are only slightly behind. Internet being the way that you're going to get your movies as well, whether it's a rental type use, or putting it in your library and having access to it.

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