Sunday, June 25, 2006

Interactive Multi Media - IMM

Visual Radio is a place to meet other locals interested in blogging, podcasting and videblogging. If you're interested in...
  1. indie media,
  2. the web, vlogs
  3. making connections or
  4. just having fun hanging out with creative types,
  5. We are the Media
  6. Captain Humphreys project
please come and join us over skype for a conversation. Need some help with something or have something new to show off, your latest creation, perhaps, then please let's get connected.

Topics include:
  • What is podcasting, Vcasting, narrowcasting, videoblogging?
  • What are feeds and subscriptions?
  • How do I use them to get the messages I want?
  • How do I publish my own feeds?
  • How do I create my own subscribe buttons?
  • How do I make these work with my iPod, Creative or other MP3 players?
  • What are the costs? (you can do it for free!)
  • Free players and aggregators (iTunes, etc.)
  • Free services (Feedburner, iTune, etc.)
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