Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Europe the future Information Society

Now, the great challenge for all of us is to prepare our Communities for the 7th Framework and CIP Programmes for European research and policy.


First, we need to make sure that our strong support and initiatives are heard when assigning budgets and priorities. To bring forward AMI interests, we need to speak loud and clear for Living Labs, Collaborative Environments and ICT for Business. Engineering and Design are our special interests in Manufacturing.

Information Society

If you have not yet done so, do not hesitate to express your own research and policy interests immediately through the web consultation at: Information Society.

Budget and priorities

Support the budgets and priorities to network brains to create value, especially in highly knowledge-intensive services. Multidisciplinary research will be needed to create a services science platform, new-generation collaborative environments.


Businesses, citizens and public sector will partner for a new European innovation system. Put Lisbon strategy in real life. Express your approach. Be direct.


To find the latest in the Finnish EU Presidency initiative to launch a European Network of Living Labs, as strongly supported by the AMI communities, please take a look at: Tietoyhteiskuntaohjelma.

Yours co-creatively, Roberto Santoro, EsoCE-Net, Chair of the AMI@Work communities
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