Sunday, November 06, 2005

Videocasting vs. Podcasting

A podospheric migration to video has begun. Within days of Apple's release of the video iPod last month, the guys and girls aroubnd the world are starting their videocams and are offering one videocasts with various content.
  • Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular in US
  • Traditional radio is still very popular: the theatre of the mind is a very intimate media
  • We build the pictures and profiels of people out of the voices the radio is transmitting
  • The big shift was after the introduction of TV and when radio became the dominant media in the Car
  • New changes will be happening now whith the rapdi growth of Interenet radio, Satellite radio and Podcasting
  • Radio is a very local media
  • Podcasting is changing it to a global media
People in the blogosphere has started to wonder if having every man and pretty woman to video videocast themselves will just dilute the fun of being able to see someone that you’re used to only hearing the voice of (podcast). A podcast allows you to listen to broadcast quality media wherever you are. We're most likely going to start our own shows and podcastings to give you insights into the RN6 information system evolution.
  1. Audio creation is just easier
  2. Videocasts will have to be something special
  3. Mary and Karla are not bring big news and added value, apart from shaking their booty
CUVia won’t be going to videocasting/narrowcasting on a short term basis. Simply because we would need to spend some more money on equipment. At present, we don't have the time to produce appropriate content to go on Internet air either.

To get your audio podcast going, you need to invest a mere 10 to 100 euro in a good microphone and download Audacity, a free sound-editing program. It's a much more costly endeavor to start a videocast. You'll need to purchase a video input card or a digital video camera and the tools for encoding to video. Currently, there's no standard video format that exists like MP3 for audio.
Podcasting News from Sweden: SR Minnen är en digital radiokanal med pärlor handplockade ur Sveriges Radios arkiv - ett arkiv som rymmer mer än 250.000 program!
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