Sunday, November 06, 2005

Skype gadgets video

I just did find a video with Skype’s Gadget Inspector James Peck in the Skype Learning Zone, which I thought is educational not only for developers, but for a wider audience as well.

Think future is producing a lot of podcasts. I did find him on Yahoo Podcasting. He is advertising his podcasts: Welcome to the home of the THINKfuture radio show! He produces Super Short Shows - featuring a short story about the Paris Riots. What's really happening in the streets of Paris and some other cities in France?
  • He is looking for people from the real peoples segment to call in their comments
  • He using a mobile recording device and produces shows while commuting
  • He wants tips and comments from regular people
  • Technical issues with laptops, batteries etc.
  • Future radio show practical podcasts
  • Nine months of podcasting
  • Chat online podcasting

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