Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Podcast Network

The Podcast Network is one of the best resources for finding quality audio content that you can listen to when you want, where you want and on any device you want.

Being the first commercial podcast network in the world, they are dedicated to creating the best and most diverse content available and presenting it here for your listening pleasure. Find the content you want in our channel bar, subscribe and enjoy.

We have some ideas about doing very local podcasts telling about local slow food producers, arts and crafts people etc. It could be a way to build mini-brands of small and medium size companies. A new way for them to get their message out and through.
  • Localism
  • Audio to go
  • Audio on-demand
  • Local public and private radio
  • Anyone can launch a radio channel
  • Hopefully you have something to say
  • We love to provide a community experience
  • Do people have time to listen to podcasts on a regular basis
  • We have plans to increase the depth of hyper-local news coverage
  • Listening to radio is becoming a solitary experience (iPod, radio, mobile radio)
  • Radio brings programs to a very personal situation
  • Radio gives an one to one personal relationship
  • Listeners feel they are a part of a community
  • The larger community sense can disappear
  • Podcasting is an exciting new technology
  • Individuals get a voice over Internet
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