Friday, May 09, 2008

Tivo for your iPod 2005 and what's new 2008

Tivo for your iPod - Newsweek Technology - "A new technology allows listeners to subscribe to homemade radio shows and listen to them on their digital music players."

I made this posting 5/14/05 11:13 AM.

With a million ideas in my head and with the help of our Networking partners we can create a new interactive media for East-West road navigation.

It was the time of road information systems. Now Finnish ABC stations are installing Free WiFi into their cafeterias and lunch restaurants.

That's great news for those who travel a lot. Free internet connection on the road is a great service.

I've new idea about iPod applications and wanted to take this posting for re-evaluation.

Paris is also on my mind. There are things in France that will get more attention from our part in the coming months.
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