Sunday, April 10, 2005

Google to launch video blogging

Google to launch video blogging:- - Science News - "Google to launch video blogging:- April 06, 2005 12:16:30 PM IST Google announced that users would be able to archive their video clips in a few days.
The company's co-founder Larry Page announced this on Monday in a conference at San Francisco's Moscone Center. He said that Google was in the plan to start taking video submissions from people.
The move follows the January launch of Google Video, a search service that allows users to find not only transcripts of television programs but also links to downloadable video clips from vendors like Fox News, PBS, ABC, C-SPAN, and NBA among several others.

For now, these videos are not available directly on Google's site but are displayed as links to other sites with a still of the video and caption. Recently, a number of sites offer facilities for video blogging, better known as vlogging. Given the availability of free space and hi-tech digital cameras, the service is likely to become a hit with netizens.
Previously, with the acquisition of in 2003, Google made a foray into web logging, better known as blogging. Google's rival Yahoo has also announced plans to beef up its video searching service."
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