Sunday, March 20, 2005

V-RAMBO 'Wrist Video'

Defense Review - V-RAMBO 'Wrist Video' System Puts Real-Time Video Right on Soldiers' Wrists: "An Israeli company called Tadiran Spectralink Ltd. (Holon, Israel), a member of the Elisra Group, has just advanced the military combat application of telepresence a step further with their wrist-mounted Video Receiver And Monitor for Battlefield Operations, or V-RAMBO, for short.

Tadiran Spectralink refers to the technology that V-Rambo utilizes as 'Wrist-Displayed Vital UAV-Derived Intelligence'. Basically, V-Rambo, also known as the PVR (which we´re guessing stands for Personal Video Receiver) is just a miniaturized version of a system that´s been in use for several years on Israeli attack helicopters and tanks, called Tactical Video Link TVL-II, that was designed and developed to give helicopter gunships - dramatically swifter seeker-to-shooter cycles, meaning the ability to locate and liquidate/neutralize (or 'target kill') enemy targets/terrorists before these targets... "
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