Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bored on your subway commute?

Bored on your subway commute? Try TV! - Engadget - "Atlanta will be the first city in North America to roll out TV and radio programming in its subway rail cars. Each of 230 cars will be fitted with 15-inch flat screens showing local news loops and radio transmitters offering music in three formats: top 40, jazz and R&B."

Wrote that 3/8/05 5:16 PM and decided to refresh it with some new comments.

Content stays fresh (so fresh!) via software on the trains that downloads new programming when the trains pass through wireless clouds en route. Any FM receiver will be able to pick up the TV and radio audio feeds inside the cars.

Mobile Roaming at high-speed...

In partnership with New York-based media firm The Rail Network, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) stands to rake in about $20 million over the next decade by taking a cut of the ad revenue. And no wonder -- it's hard to find a more captive audience."

Nothing to do on the train...

What a futre we have in the paperless society. I can use my spare time to watch radio and listen to small wide screen television. No need to buy journals and magazines. The zines will come to me through the airways.

This is still emerging 2½ years later...Does anybody have some details about this? What can we listen on the train in Atlanta today?

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