Saturday, May 03, 2008

Demo - Six Minutes to Stand Out

I blogged about Demo 2/15/05. Six minutes is a short time to present an innovation but was the name of the game at Demo three years ago. There was talk about the price of participation. I guess the cost was $15 000 for each participating company.

Six minutes of fame!

Wired News: Six Minutes to Stand Out: "If you're a top executive at one of the 75 companies demonstrating technology at the Demo conference here, you've no doubt spent hours in recent weeks perfecting your pitch.

That's because the companies whose new technology is on display at this influential conference get just six minutes to make their case to an audience of hundreds of journalists, investors and fellow technologists.

So one by one, the companies take the stage, do their presentation and scurry off. And given how little room there is for error, six minutes never seemed so fast. "
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